The Fit3D ProScanner is the most comprehensive, non-invasive assessment technology available for tracking body composition and weight loss. With the use of infrared light, a camera scans and measures over 400 points on the body which is then converted into precise body measurements. The Fit3D ProScanner eliminates the human error variable that can occur with traditional tape measurements and ensures accurate and consistent results. Once the scan is complete users will be able to track their data online on our secure web platform.


How Does It Work?

When you arrive to Synergy Wellness MediSpa, you will be led to our scanner room where you will set up your new user account. You will need to provide an email and password. The email address is what you will use to access the results of your scan. Once you have registered as a new user and changed into the proper clothing you will step onto the Fit3D platform. The platform is marked to show you how and where to stand. You will then adjust the handles to a comfortable height, stand up straight and stand very still. When you are ready you will press and hold the buttons located on the handles. You will keep them pressed for the entire length of the scan (less than 40 seconds). During the scan the platform will rotate very slowly in a counter clockwise direction. While the platform is rotating, the infrared camera located in the tower on the front of the scanner will be scanning hundreds of points on your body. That’s it! From beginning to end it only takes a couple of minutes.

What should I wear for the Fit3D scan?

In order for the Fit3D ProScanner to take the most precise measurements, you will want to wear form-fitting clothing. Women typically wear a sports bra and spandex shorts or thin capri yoga pants. Some choose to scan in their bra and underwear or a two piece swim suit. Men should wear spandex compression or athletic shorts. By wearing form fitting clothing you will be able to get the most accurate measurements and 3D image possible. Try to wear the same thing or something very similar each time you scan to ensure the most consistent readings.

Within minutes of completing your Fit3D body scan you will receive an email that includes your updated 3D avatar image along with your weight and body measurements. From there you can view and download detailed reports with just the click of a button on a safe and secure web platform.
Review your scans and repeat.
Within minutes of completing your scan you will receive an email that includes your updated 3D image/avatar along with your weight and body measurements. View and download detailed reports with just the click of a button on our safe and secure web platform.

Repeat! The data that the Fit3D ProScanner provides is tremendous. You can use the ProScanner as often or as infrequently as you’d like. However, we suggest that those who are working to achieve weight loss goals, or changes in body composition scan monthly. Monthly scans will help you stay motivated and proactively make sure that your current exercise and nutritional plan is working for you and your metabolic type. You can even share your information with your personal trainer, doctor or coach.

Pricing Information

Monitor your weight loss & body composition
$50 for your first scan
$30 for each subsequent scan