IV Vitamin Therapy And Why It Helps Women And Men

If this trend has left you asking why you should be getting IV Vitamin Therapy, then it is time you asked the smarter question:
Why should you not get IV vitamin therapy?
While it might be hard to believe, IV vitamin therapy isn’t even new. It is just now getting the publicity that it rightly deserves!
The internet has helped educate us more on how important vitamin and mineral supplements are to our health. With lives being busy as they are, it can be hard to remember to take your pills before you crawl into bed every night.
The ease of application and the absence of harmful side effects are two of the most important reasons why IV vitamin therapy has become a favorite nationwide. If you remain unfamiliar with it, now is the time to get acquainted.
What It Is
IV Vitamin Therapy is simply a way to provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances. The difference between this method and any other ways of taking supplements is that the IV adds the supplements directly into your bloodstream!
What Advantage It Offers
The IV Vitamin Therapy has an advantage over most other ways of taking supplements. By adding the formulation directly into the bloodstream, you are able to bypass the digestive system! That means how much of the vitamins your systems absorb won’t be bound by the threshold limits of your stomach and other organs. Moreover, when you take a pill, your body has to wait for it to be digested before it can begin to use them. That isn’t the case with IV Vitamin Therapy; your body can get right to work!
What Benefits It Has
Once you have received your IV Vitamin Therapy, you will experience a boost to your energy levels. You will meet each challenge head on due to all the extra energy. Besides keeping you on a natural high all day long, this therapy also improves the performance of the immune system. Say hello to an infection-free you after receiving this therapy. Lastly, you can also get rid of the hazardous plaque that is the leading cause of heart disease.
What Side Effects It Causes
Besides reddened skin or slight bruising where the needle enters your skin, you won’t be experiencing side effects after your vitamin infusion. Medically safe and supervised formulations are a guarantee when at the Synergy Wellness & MediSpa.

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3 Reasons that Make Ultherapy Positively Life-Altering

The Need for Ultherapy

One of the most common uses for Ultherapy today is in the cosmetic industry. Through this procedure, you can achieve younger and tighter looking skin without undergoing surgery.

The non-invasive nature of the procedure is one of the reasons for its popularity. It is possible because it undertakes deep heating of the skin by directing ultrasound energy. The result is stimulation of the protein, collagen. Not only does Ultherapy cause new collagen to form, it also encourages the existing collagen in the skin to grow!

By its nature, collagen is responsible for keeping the skin looking young, firm, and toned. However, like everything else affected by age, collagen’s effectiveness begins to wear off. Gravity causes further damage to the skin by exerting its downward pull. The skin begins to look less firm and wrinklier. A non-surgical alternative like Ultherapy can restore rejuvenated skin.

Benefits of Ultherapy

Ultherapy offers the following benefits:

  • Ultherapy is a non-invasive and effective alternative. It doesn’t require surgical methods because it makes use of ultrasound energy. When directed under the skin, temperature-controlled ultrasound energy can stimulate collagen regeneration in that area of the body. This means, Ultherapy doesn’t involve injecting fillers or toxins into the body to achieve similar results. Instead, it uses the natural collagen-creating process to heal you!
  • Ultherapy makes complete customization possible for its patients. How much ultrasound energy will be directed can be altered on a per patient basis. The same goes for how long the procedure will take or whether it can be combined with some other cosmetic procedures. That includes cosmetic procedures that can be performed alongside ultherapy, such as Botox or Restylane. Thus, if the results you desire require a combination of injectable and resurfacing treatments, then that is exactly what you will be given – provided the service provider you visit is a skilled one.
  • Ultherapy doesn’t require post-procedural downtime. As soon as you complete the outpatient procedure, you will be able to leave the hospital. There is no need for post-treatment aftercare in Ultherapy either!

As you can see the main factor that Ultherapy depends on is the skill of the person carrying it out the procedure. For desired results, you’d need an expert who can come up with the perfect treatment plan for you. Only in their hands will you be able to enjoy the fruits of extreme customization and great results!

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Losing Becomes Winning with Safe and Effective Medical Weight Loss Programs

Finding the perfect weight loss method is difficult. The method must not just be effective, it must also lead to safe weight loss.

We all know about quick weight loss fixes that are unsafe, and lead to malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

If you have been searching for a safe and effective weight loss method, your search stops here. Here are some qualities that make a weight loss program safer and produces good results:

Components of A Safe and Effective Medical Weight Loss Program:

Ensures Proper Nutrition

Any weight loss program urging you to stick to one type of nutrient or food item wouldn’t lead to healthy weight loss. Weight loss that comes after skipping most foods and bingeing on coffee can leave you jittery.

Moreover, if you think that filling up on just a single type of nutrient, like fibre or protein, can lead to healthy weight loss, you think wrong! What you are doing is continuously starving your system of the food that it needs. This won’t reduce your food cravings but blow them out of proportion. The result might be you crashing down because of malnutrition or simply giving in to your cravings!

Is Constructed to Suit Your Needs

Too often you will find diets and weight loss programs that are based on a one-suits-all model. That is exactly the wrong way to go! If you want to lose weight, you will have to cut down on your calories.

The word your calorie intake emphasizes that the number of calories you intake daily will be based on your needs. A generic program won’t work for everyone. More importantly, if you start cutting off calories blindly, your body might not be receiving the right amount it needs to burn energy!

We all have different metabolic rates, whether slow or fast, or are passing through different phases of life, such as menopause. Therefore, we need weight loss programs that take that into account.

Doesn’t Just Reduce Weight

You won’t just be able to fit into clothes that you had long stopped wearing. With a good weight loss program, you will begin to see other changes, too. You will suddenly feel more energetic, which you can use to your advantage. Having more energy could also mean long, intense workouts. If you feel lethargic and drained all the time, then that program simply isn’t for you. Other positive changes include clear, healthy skin and a reduction in cravings.

The Synergy Wellness and MediSpa Medical Weight Loss Programs are all-inclusive, but highly customized ways for you to lose weight.

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