Hair RestorationSynergy Wellness MediSpa hair restoration

How Hair Restoration Is Different From Hair Transplantation And Is It Worth?

A significant portion of people suffers from hair loss problems. Procedures like hair transplants are not liked by several people since they result in displaying the extra cosmetic work being done instead of a natural hairline. You might have heard about several terms like hair transplant and hair restoration, or hair plugs and might be…

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CoolSculptingMedical Weight LossSynergy Wellness MediSpa WHAT IS COOLSCULPTING? HOW DOES COOLSCULPTING WORK

What is CoolSculpting? How does CoolSculpting work?

Several people follow a vigorous workout schedule with a strict diet but fail to eliminate stubborn fat in some regions. If you are one among them, then CoolSculpting could be an ideal solution that targets those regions, offering a defined look like never before. CoolSculpting is a top non-invasive fat reduction treatment that is recognized…

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Laser TreatmentSynergy Wellness MediSpa laser treatment for body hair

Is It Safe To Get Laser Treatment For Body Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is becoming a popular treatment for hair removal for people who are annoyed by the regular methods of waxing, shaving, etc. Laser hair removal for body treatments works by damaging the hair follicles and stopping them from growing new hair quickly. But, before deciding on taking the therapy, it is key to…

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Synergy Wellness MediSpaUltra sound therapy Ultrasound therapy

Does ultrasound really do anything when used in Physical therapy?

Physical therapy is employed for many years to treat injuries like tendonitis bursitis or even  arthritis by reducing the pain and increasing the function. A physical therapist will apply the  ultrasound therapy to the injured body part as a part of the physiotherapy program. But this  use of ultrasound in physical therapy is not similar…

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Medical Weight LossSynergy Wellness MediSpa What is CoolSculpting? How does CoolSculpting work

How to Get Started with Medical Weight Loss?

It is evident that weight loss problems are upsurging across the globe and people are constantly looking for effective ways to eliminate them. There are different kinds of diets and exercise plans with modern nutritional supplements available in the market. But a medical weight loss program offers a guaranteed weight loss with the aid of…

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