The Art of Microblading: The New Answer For Perfect Eyebrows

Some may argue that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well since the eyebrows help frame the eyes, they too, significantly influence our expression and impact how we look. What do we do if our eyebrows fade or age? What do we do if we simply don’t like the eyebrows we were born with? Years of tweezing, plucking, and waxing, or just the mere consequence of certain medical conditions such as thyroid disease can cause your eyebrows to thin. The answer may lie in a new tattoo-like technique called Microblading. Continue reading “The Art of Microblading: The New Answer For Perfect Eyebrows”

The Amazing Benefits Of CoolSculpting®

Despite your best efforts, stubborn fat still haunts your midsection, back area, and flank area. Even if you’ve tried dieting and exercise, there is always an area of fat for which nothing seems to help get rid of. Surgical liposuction may be an option but not everyone wants to undergo surgery. With surgery, there is significant downtime, and often scarring and pain – and let’s be honest, surgery is quite expensive. CoolSculpting® provides another option and may be the ideal non-invasive procedure for anyone who wants reliable results without the downtime, pain, and certainly at a more affordable price. Continue reading “The Amazing Benefits Of CoolSculpting®”