Massage Therapy at Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, PC: Making high quality, rejuvenating massage an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.

Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, PC is where busy people from all walks of life come to feel better, relieve stress, ease sore muscles, and recharge. Here, our goal is to provide a truly customized therapeutic massage to every client, every session. By closely understanding your lifestyle, state of health, and individual requirements, our massage therapists can then combine their skills and abilities to perform the massage that you want – that’s the Synergy way!

At our spa, we are committed to providing the best therapeutic massage experience and proud to offer high-quality massage treatments at affordable prices. Our therapists are focused on delivering a massage that is responsive to your individual needs; resulting in a better massage for you. We provide everything you want most from a massage:

  • Relaxation – You won’t want to leave.
  • Rejuvenation – You’ll feel like a brand new you.
  • Therapeutic Relief – That’s what we do best.
  • Personalized Therapy – You’ll receive a massage that is just right for you.

With every session, you will receive:

  • A state-licensed, professional massage therapist
  • A spa atmosphere – clean, safe, and relaxing
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Add-on service options such as: aromatherapy, reviving foot scrub, and hot stones
  • Flexible appointment scheduling

So contact us at (732) 268-8324 to book your high quality massage at our spa today!

Massage Services

A massage targeted at the areas of the body where stress accumulates using
therapeutic and deep tissue techniques

30 minutes – $44.99

Indulge in a light to firm pressured classic full body massage to soothe aching muscles,
and alleviate stress and tension resulting in an overall sense of gentle relaxation

30 minutes: $49.99

60 minutes: $94.99

90 minutes: $139.99

Firm to deep pressure is applied to the body to encourage the release of tight muscles,
and alleviate any tension

30 minutes: $49.99

60 minutes: $94.99

90 minutes: $139.99

A soothing massage for expectant and new mothers. Gentle, yet effective, techniques
will relieve tension in areas under stress, such as the lower back and hips.

*Prenatal massage is only recommended after the first trimester*

30 minutes: $49.99

60 minutes: $94.99

This specialty massage utilizes warm volcanic stones to create deep relaxation, and
brings the body to restorative rest. Also induces tranquility and serenity

30 minutes: $59.99

60 minutes: $109.99

90 minutes: $149.99

This ancient Japanese technique channels energy from the universe to enhance the
body’s subtle energy. Hand placements are used throughout the session to lift the spirit
by aligning physical, emotional, and well being

30 minutes: $59.99

60 minutes: $109.99

The ultimate massage experience here at Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, PC. A
combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage that nourishes your body
accompanied by aromatherapy, hot towels, and a foot scrub. You will also receive a
complimentary body bath salt to take home as our gift to you!

90 minutes: $139.99

120 minutes: $239.99

*7% tax will be added onto massage prices
*2 hour massages are available upon request

15 minutes: $19.99


**All enhancements are offered at $19.99**

A targeted massage that uses essential oils deeply massaged into the scalp to relax the mind, release tension, and encourage circulation.

Soothe your overworked hands and feet with a green tea eucalyptus scrub leaving them feeling invigorated, relaxed, and hydrated. Treatment will include hot towels.

Choose your blend of our essential oils, and let the aroma fill the air to calm, stimulate, and replenish your body.

Hot towels will be applied to your back, hands, and feet. The hot towels will then relax and soothe your muscles and nervous system.

Feeling congested? This massage technique is based on releasing pressure to clear up your sinuses. The aroma of eucalyptus will be enhancing this massage.

This highly effective massage technique stimulates the reflexes on the feet, which provides full body wellness by releasing the body’s natural energy flow.

This ancient Japanese technique channels energy from the universe to enhance the body’s subtle energy. Hand placements are used throughout the session to lift the spirit by aligning physical, emotional, and well being.