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At Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, PC, we understand that our patients are looking for a safe, non-surgical way to slow down the aging process. Many of our patients have tried topical creams and other over-the-counter products with limited success. To refresh your appearance and smooth your lines and wrinkles without downtime or surgery, we offer Ultherapy®.

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is an exciting technology that uses ultrasound energy to give you the tight, lifted skin that you want. It enhances your appearance naturally, without surgery, and without extended downtime.

Ultherapy® stands alone as the only non-invasive lift with FDA clearance to be used on the skin on your neck, under your chin, and on your eyebrows. It has also been cleared by the FDA to address fine lines and wrinkles on your necklines or on the area of cleavage that is revealed by a low neckline. This area is also known as the décolletage. This treatment offers both men and women the ability to look fresher and to have a more youthful appearance starting from their brow all the way down to their chest.

How Does Ultherapy® Work?

As you undergo the Ultherapy® procedure, our medical provider will be directing focused ultrasound energy at the deeper layers of your skin. It will encourage collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin with no cutting or disruption of the skin surface.

Laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, and surgical procedures affect the top layer of your skin in order to provide treatment. Ultherapy® completely bypasses the external layers of your skin, delivering ultrasound energy at a predetermined depth and temperature. As a result, the natural regenerative processes in your body jump start and new collagen is produced. The end result is that your skin is tighter, healthier, and more vibrant.

What Types of Results Should You Expect?

Some patients may see results in the moments after the treatment. However, patients can typically expect to see full results between two and three months after the original treatment. It is during this time that new collagen growth begins, and you will start to see the skin on your neck, chin, chest, and brow begin to tighten.

While the results produced by Ultherapy® are dramatic, they will not replicate the results of a facelift. For men and women who are looking to smooth their skin and refresh their appearance without invasive procedures or downtime, Ultherapy® can be a great alternative. We will discuss your treatment options during your consultation.

What Are The Benefits of Ultherapy?

  • Tighter, younger looking skin
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Natural looking results

Are There Side Effects?

In the hours after treatment, your face may appear red or flushed. You may have some tingling, swelling, or tenderness after the procedure, but this is only temporary. You may experience minor bruising or numbness in the treated area, but this too should quickly dissipate.

Who Is A Great Candidate For Ultherapy?

While Ultherapy is not a replacement for a surgical facelift, there are many people who want some lifting but are not ready for surgery – mentally, physically, or financially.

Ultherapy® is recommended for those whose skin is starting to show some degree of laxity or “looseness”. Loose skin under the chin or neck, droopy eyelids and loose skin signal a potentially great candidate for treatment. Typically, those in their 30’s and older who have mild to moderate skin laxity are ideal candidates. Ultherapy® is also great for those who are younger and want to stay ahead of the game as well as those looking to prolong the effects of cosmetic surgery.

Who Should NOT get Ultherapy?

  • Any area of cystic acne breakouts
  • Any area of open wounds
  • Anyone who has had injectable fillers within the last 3 months
  • Anyone who has had Botox/Xeomin in areas of desired treatment within the last 2 weeks
  • Anyone looking to treat over an active implant such as a pacemaker
  • Men should be clean shaven prior to treatment

 When Can I Get My Ultherapy Treatment?

Contact Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, PC today at (732) 268-8324 to schedule a consultation and find out if Ultherapy® is right for you.