When it comes to post-exercise recovery, the faster the muscles become rehydrated the quicker they become renewed. Consider the ability to fully hydrate your muscles with the appropriate vitamins and nutrients without drinking gallons of fluids, and have your body absorb the hydration at a much better rate. The IV Vitamin bags bypass the GI Tract and arrive exactly where they are most needed.

IV vitamin infusions provide health and wellness. You can recharge, revitalize, and rejuvenate in as little as 30 minutes.


The Executive

Mental clarity and focus



Fountain of Youth

Healthier skin, hair & nails



Rise and Shine

Hangover relief – headaches, fatigue & exhaustion



Natural Defense

Defends or speeds up recovery from colds & flu



Performance Hydration

Pre & post intense physical activity



Synergy Signature Infusion

All nutrients combined for maximum impact




Anti-aging & brighter, healthier skin glow


Silver Package

5% off any 4 infusions

Gold Package

10% off any 8 infusions PLUS one complimentary Massage or Facial (30 minutes)


Platinum Package

15% off any 12 infusions PLUS one complimentary Massage or Facial (60 minutes)

B12 Injections

B12 Injections: $40 / injection
Package of 4 B12: $145
Package of 8 B12: $270


Amazing staff, the ambiance of the spa is so relaxing. Everyone was so kind and made me feel so welcome and relaxed.

Synergy Wellness & MediSpa has changed my life.

Thank you Dr.Golding-Granado! You have been the answer to my prayers. The Synergy IV infusion has helped me get my life back. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis; I struggle with inflammation in my joints & severe pain each day. The IV Infusion has helped reduced the inflammation drastically, giving me back my life. Because the IV Infusion worked so great with only one session, I purchased the 12 pack platinum package and received a 60 minute complimentary facial.

Once again, this staff has amazed me. I went for my facial today and Ashley was the Medical Aesthetician. My experience today was top notch, professional and my skin feels and looks amazing. I’m so pleased that I scheduled my next appointment. I will definitely be back. Thank You Synergy for everything! – Bren M.

I highly recommend Synergy IV infusions – Aga W.